Caregiving can be very rewarding.  Here are 3 Rewards:

1. the satisfaction of giving back to an aging parent

2. the love and loyalty demonstrated to a spouse or partner who has developed health challenges, and

3. that feel-good response from helping relatives, friends or neighbours

We’re living longer!   And that ups the odds we might be faced with the responsibility of caring for another at some point.

When was the last time you were responsible for someone’s care?  Maybe this is an entirely new possibility for you.

As rewarding as it can be, functioning as a caregiver can take a huge toll on your physical and emotional well-being if you’re not prepared.

Preparation is key to avoid Burnout!

Balancing family and professional obligations can seem overwhelming at times.  Now throw in the added tasks of caring for one extra person.  Scheduling care.  Buying groceries.  Walking their dog.  Managing prescriptions.  Taking time off to accompany them to doctor’s appointments.  Arranging the weekly chores.  You get it.  The list is endless.

Can you say ‘burnout’?  Fear not.  Prevention of burnout is key and entirely possible.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry on the signs of burnout and tips on how to avoid it entirely.

As always, I wish you happy, healthy days ahead.  Let me know your experiences as a caregiver in the comments below.  And connect with me if you need some help.



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