The bottom has just fallen out of your world – your partner has passed away.

If you’re a widow or widower, you may find it difficult to cope with being alone. This is especially true if your relationship lasted several years or decades. Feeling overwhelmed is natural. However, this shouldn’t stop you from finding the emotional support you need. It’s okay to ask for help – in fact, it’s healthy if you do the following:

Find supportive family members: In the initial stages of grief, it can be hard to think straight and make important arrangements like organizing your funeral or closing financial accounts. Find family members who can support you in the aftermath – chances are you know people who are willing to help, but unsure whether you think they’ll be imposing if they ask you themselves.

Find a counsellor: You may not want to tell your family members how you feel because you’re worried they’ll judge you. This is why a bereavement counsellor or therapist is an excellent option – they will understand your concerns and act as a sounding board in a safe and neutral environment.

Find others to do things that you can’t: If you relied on your partner to drive you around or take care of repairs, you may not know how to do them yourself. In that case, it makes sense to find another person to handle these tasks for you – and this is one way Bayview Concierge can help. Don’t think of it as losing your self-reliance; think of it as keeping to your strengths and letting other people use theirs. Besides, people will understand and be happy to support you in your time of need.

You may feel guilty or awkward, and worry that seeking help will look like you’ve “moved on” or have “gotten over” your grief. However, that feeling can be counterproductive: you weren’t alone before, and you shouldn’t be alone now when you most need it. If you’re not sure where to start, though, Bayview Concierge can help by recommending the right bereavement agencies and resources for you.


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